Remote Backup

Never lose key data again.

Simplicity provides you with a simple and secure way to quickly backup your business-critical data and rapidly restore your files on-demand. There is no media to buy or manual steps involved.


You can be confident that your data is safely stored and encrypted offsite in one of our secure data centers. A daily email report keeps you updated and our team is available at your convenience to answer any questions or concerns you may have.


We developed Rapid Restore™ to get an encrypted copy of your data in your hands in less than 24 hours – regardless of where your practice is located. Rapid Restore allows you to retain up to 10 years of data using 256-bit encryption and configure email notifications to keep you updated on the health of your backup.


Sign up for 1 year of colocation, managed services, or virtual server.

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Compare Plans

Each remote backup account comes with customizable backup schedule, 128-bit / 256-bit encryption, supports all Linux and Windows platforms with a user friendly control panel. Monthly or annual discounted pricing available.

  • Remote Backup Lite
  • Starting from $9.95
    per month
  • 0-2GB up to 35GB
  • 1 Backup Set
  • Daily, Weekly Backup Schedule
  • 128-bit / 256-bit, AES Encryption Algorithms
  • In-file Delta (simple), Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Available Modules
  • All Windows Server & Workstation Operating Systems
  • Simple by days / jobs Retention Policy
  • Filter files by extentions, Logout reminder, Offline backup reminder, Web restoration, Progress bar during backup
  • Remote Backup Pro
  • Starting from $15.95
    per month
  • 0MB – 16TB with Bare Metal Options
  • Unlimited Backup Sets
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Year, Multiple Backup Schedules
  • 128-bit / 256-bit, Configurable by end-user, TwoFish, Triple DES, AES Encryption Algorithms
  • MS Exchange, Brick Level Mail Backup for MS Exchange, MS SQL, Lotus Domino / Notes, Oracle, MySQL,
    In-file Delta (simple),
    In-file Delta (advanced), Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Available Modules
  • All Windows Server & Workstation Operating Systems, Redhat Linux 6.0 or above, Mac OS X v10.2 or above, UNIX: Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, FreeBSD Platforms
  • Simple by days / jobs, Advanced by weeks, months, quarters, years Retention Policy
  • Run custom OS commands before / after a backup job,Filter files by extentions, Filter files / folders by any user defined pattners, Logout reminder, Offline backup reminder, Local copy, Web restoration